Yamaha Method

Yamaha’s unique teaching method has been creating musicians around the world since the 1950’s. A different approach to traditional music teaching, Yamaha students are taught to listen first, followed up by reading the music. The focus is on creating an ‘all round’ musician and Yamaha teachers are trained to teach students the many skills they require.

A number of courses means there is something to suit everyone and students can learn in a fun and relaxed environment.

Yamaha Courses....

  • Are suitable for beginners, experienced players and serious musicians
  • Cater for all ages from 4-90
  • Are a fun way to learn and develop music skills quickly
  • Accedited syllabus with Trinity & Rock School if students wish to take examinations.

If you would like to experience a free trial lesson or would like some further information, please fill in the form here or call us on 01922 613058

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